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6 Reasons Why Workforce Ready Just Works

We’ve told you how Workforce Automation can help your company operate more efficiently, helping ensure that nothing falls through the cracks. However, be advised, not all human capital management systems are created equal. 

We’ve done our homework and vetted hundreds of different softwares before choosing Kronos’s Workforce Ready for our clients. Workforce Ready’s state-of-the-art technology automates all administrative processes, making it easier for you to hire, onboard, track performance, administer benefits, and everything in-between. 

Here are some of the reasons why we think Workforce Ready is the best in the market:

1. Talent acquisition driven by data.

Talent Acquisition Dashboard Mobile App

No more losing track of where top tier applicants are in the hiring cycle, especially when hiring for multiple positions. Workforce Ready help you effectively source, track, hire, and evaluate talent so you can fill your positions quickly and with the right people. Plus their streamline applicant portal helps reinforce your brand and makes it easy for applicants to search for available positions, on the go. 

2. Seamless onboarding.

Onboarding made easy

Once you’ve acquired top talent, you want to ensure that your onboarding experience is clear, consistent and engaging for each and every new hire. The days of new employees wasting their first week trying to decipher a barrage of confusing documents are over. Workforce Ready employs an effective onboarding approach that includes an overarching onboarding checklist to ensure all key documents are completed plus they offer a mobile-friendly experience so new hires can address sensitive onboarding items from the comfort of their home. Ultimately, seamless onboarding leads to better new employee retention, reduced turnover, and faster time to productivity. 

3. Performance management that gets results.

Performance Management

Continuous feedback is an essential component of an effective performance management strategy because it helps provide managers with real-time feedback tools so they can nip even small problems in the bud, nurture growth, and recognize stellar employees. Managers have full visibility into whether their team is on track for quarterly goals, all without the use of cumbersome paper forms.

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4. Employee benefits management that just makes sense.

Benefits Management

Administering benefits can be complicated and costly for employers and confusing for employees when not done right. This is where technology plus industry know-how really comes together, we have created a mobile-friendly benefits management tool that presents benefits in a clear, organized way to help employees easily understand and choose the best package for them. It goes even further, with our data-backed approach, employees can input their preferences and receive personalized benefits recommendations.

5. Automated, accurate time & attendance that you can rely on.

Time and Attendance TLM

Accurate time and attendance records are so important in ensuring compliance and keeping labor costs down. With Workforce Ready, you’re not working with disparate systems that need to talk to each other. Instead, time and attendance data is collected into a single database, reducing errors and eliminating the need to do ad hoc calculations. With Workforce Ready’s mobile app, employees can gain immediate access to their HR, schedule, and pay data. Employees can punch in and out with GPS coordinates, submit time sheets, view their schedules, and more, all from the app. 

6. Efficient payroll management that makes compliance easier than ever.


Maintaining payroll accuracy is vital for building trust with new employees, adhering to compliance, and boosting efficiency within the company. With Workforce Ready, unified HR, time and attendance, and Payroll puts the power of “single source of truth” into your hands. This means that your people are able to make more informed business decisions in the moment, Payroll information is synced across all channels, errors are eliminated, and employees and managers are aided by charts and graphs to help make sense of all the data. Payroll has to take into account thousands of federal, state, and local codes that are updated quarterly in order to remain compliant. In Workforce Ready, these calculations are done automatically so there are no computational or filing errors.

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8 Things to Include in Your Work From Home Benefits Plan

If your team has gone remote due to COVID-19, you already know how difficult it can be to make sure employees are feeling valued and appreciated. Even though employees are saving time on their commute, studies have shown that, on average, the lockdown workday is 48.5 minutes longer. Which means it’s more important than ever for employers to get creative when it comes to commending their team’s hard work. Including a Work From Home Plan as part of your benefits package can help you make sure your remote employees are being rewarded for their efforts.

Here are 8 things to include in your Work From Home Benefits Plan:

1. Monthly Lunch Stipend for Managers

Pre-COVID, many companies would have perks like free lunches a few times a month. Company-wide lunches aren’t feasible in the current climate however, giving managers a monthly lunch stipend to treat their team to take-out or delivery meals is a great way to ensure team members feel appreciated.

2. Delivery Lunch for Employee of the Month

In the same vein, you may not be able to take your star employees out for a one-on-one meal but you could surprise them with a Postmates or UberEats gift card so they can treat themselves.

3. Monthly Coffee & Tea Stipend

Gearing up for the day by sipping on coffee with your co-workers is a delightful aspect of working in an office. Keep the caffeinated delight going by sending employees monthly credit to a coffee shop or coffee bean subscription service.

4. Virtual Gym Membership

It’s easy to get so overloaded when working from home that employees aren’t incentivized to move, which can be detrimental to their overall health. Since most gyms are currently closed or limited, offering a virtual gym membership can help keep your team healthy and happy. Hosting a group Zoom class with a certified instructor could be a fun way to keep each other motivated and give employees permission to step away from their emails in order to work out.

5. Mental Health App Subscription

Lockdown can be especially difficult for people who are living alone—people across the country are struggling with feeling isolated and depressed. Long-term, this can mean employees feel unmotivated, listless, and less productive. Including a mental health app like TalkSpace for therapy or Headspace for meditation in your Work From Home plan will help employees stay on top of their mental health.

6. Telemedicine and Wellness Checks

Telemedicine has been growing in popularity the past few years, for good reason—it can reduce medical costs and save patients a trip to the clinic or hospital. Now with the pandemic in full swing in the US, telemedicine has exploded in popularity and it’s helping people across the country keep hospital waiting rooms clear for COVID-19 patients while limiting their own exposure to the virus.

7. Wifi or Cell Phone Bill Reimbursement

Instead of using a company phone line or logging onto office internet, employees are taking on the burden of these expenses themselves. Consider offering reimbursement for a percentage of their home internet or cell phone bill to offset the expenditure.

8. Send a Care Package

When it comes to care packages, a little bit of thought goes a long way. Whether you’re sending special company swag or a customized basket of their favorite snacks, getting a little something at their door can help employees feel connected to company culture even when they’re working from home.


If your employees live locally, take a few hours to show up (masked-up, of course) to their door with a thoughtful physical gift or care package. The personal touch of seeing their boss in person, even from a distance, can be incredibly meaningful.

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Effective Ways to Manage Employees in a Remote Environment: Company Culture

In order to create and maintain great company culture, employers are focused on ensuring their staff is motivated, team-oriented, and happy to stay with the company for the long haul. A mere six months ago, this meant company culture was all about happy hours, off-site team outings, and in-office communication and rapport. Essentially, creating ways for employees to interact with one another in positive ways, both within and outside of a work context. Cut to today: employees are no longer in shared spaces, teams can’t gather for meetings or activities, and all communication occurs virtually. Read on as we discuss how to maintain company culture when the workplace landscape has transformed so drastically.

The Danger

Zoom meeting fatigue. Lowered productivity. Ineffective communication. Unmotivated team members. These are all the dangers that occur when teams go remote. Underlying all these symptoms is the larger problem: company culture may be at risk of dying. As teams around the world are planning to stay remote for the foreseeable future, the question on everyone’s mind is: how can you maintain company culture in a remote environment? 

How to Avoid

Everything we’ve mentioned so far may sound dire, but we promise there are ways to adapt your company culture so it can thrive even in a remote environment. Some of these tweaks may not alter things overnight, we all have to work together to gradually adapt to our changing world. However, our aim is to help you develop a mindset so you can find creative solutions to kickstart your company culture in these uncertain times.

Our first suggestion is to have meetings with meaning. It makes sense why many people find giant, 20+ person Zoom meetings exhausting—it’s hard to focus, they have to constantly fight to be heard, and technical errors can make meetings run long. Our solution is to get creative, perhaps you can break your team into smaller pods. Then you can keep larger team meetings succinct and smaller pods can break out into separate meetings in which they can feel seen and heard and be given clear instructions. This way, employees can feel more comfortable asking questions and continue building rapport. 

Second, never underestimate the power of employee feedback. We know employers are doing everything in their power to maintain culture but blindspots occur despite the best intentions. It may be scary but don’t hesitate to ask your employees about what’s working and what’s not. Their honest feedback can illuminate seemingly small issues, which you can address before they become problematic.


Just because you’re not in the office anymore, doesn’t mean the old office shenanigans can’t still be in play. Some of the goofy and fun things you used to do can be translated into a virtual environment. For example, if you used to buy the employee of the month lunch, send them a meal via a delivery service like GrubHub or Postmates. If managers used to grab coffee with their team members, give them a monthly coffee stipend from Starbucks that they can use to send drinks to their team. When we’re all apart, small acts of care can go a long way. Also, keep having fun! During team meetings, play a game like “Two Truths and a Lie” so you can continue getting to know each other and not have every interaction be solely about work. 


Have fun with it and be easy on yourself. We all have enough going on, especially right now.  Bring some good positive energy to the group and take care of your employees. In turn, you’ll continue to have a motivated, hard-working team that enjoys working with one another. 

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big payroll problems

6 Reasons Why Choosing “Big Payroll” Can Lead to Trouble

big payroll problems

Choosing “big payroll” is a lot like buying big box furniture. We can understand the appeal: it’s cheap, available everywhere, and does the job. However, if you had the opportunity to go to a craftsman who made custom pieces suited to your home for roughly the same cost, wouldn’t you jump at the chance? As a small firm, we’re able to give you that bespoke experience by combining our exceptional service, innovative thinking, expert knowledge, and best-in-class products. 

At CorpStrat, we’re here to make payroll personal. This means instead of long hold times and endless phone trees, you have a dedicated support team that always answers when you call and actually cares about you and your business. Additionally, we have the flexibility to find creative strategies and solutions to make sure your company is on the best track. Here are some things to consider before choosing “Big Payroll”:

1. You won’t have a dedicated payroll specialist in your corner. 

Speaking to a new rep every time you have a question can become time consuming. Our team is set up so that when you call with a question, you get connected directly to “your” person. It is of utmost importance to provide every one of our clients with round-the-clock support, robust reporting, and out of the box solutions that can save time and money. We handle your team’s payroll as if it’s our own. 

2. You’ll find yourself constantly stuck on hold, even if you have a pressing issue.

After a warm onboarding, “big payroll” suddenly stops answering your calls. No one has time to stay on hold, especially if you’re dealing with a payroll concern. We can guarantee that every time you call us, your dedicated representative will answer and walk you through the issue at hand. 

3. Even when you do get someone on the phone, they don’t know anything about you or your business. 

Many giant payroll companies are volume-based which means they’re built to prioritize reaching their quotas rather than giving you the best service. We fervently eschew this type of thinking which is why we take the time to get to know the ins and outs of your business so we can provide concierge-like service with an “I’m on it” attitude. 

4. Payroll rates appear affordable but come with hidden fees and little to no compensation for errors.

“Big payroll” often touts its affordability, this comes back to them being volume-based. However, these sharply slashed prices come with a hidden cost: fees. These fees can run the gamut from cancellation fees to initiation fees to charging you for errors (even if the errors occurred on their end). We’re all about transparency. This means no hidden fees and complete peace of mind. Plus, we’ll make sure you’re the first to know if new rates or policies are issued. 

5. You end up using bloated platforms with out-dated tech that is confusing and doesn’t work as promised. 

Many “big payroll” companies offer piecemeal solutions that are cobbled together into one disjointed “platform”. Our award-winning payroll system features single sign-on, employee self-service, and state-of-the-art and mobile-optimized technology. On top of that, we can customize the tech for your team specifically. 

6. You don’t get answers to your queries in a timely manner. 

When it comes to payroll concerns, you can’t drag your feet. Often you need an answer quickly otherwise it can lead to a domino effect of more errors. Every member of our team works tirelessly to ensure you get the answers you need the moment you need it so you’re never left in the lurch. 

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President Signs PPP Extension, New Deadline August 8th, 2020

If you haven’t applied for a PPP loan yet, you’re in luck—the deadline to apply has just been extended! Get started by filling out the borrower application form here.

On Saturday evening, July 4th, President Donald Trump signed into law a temporary extension for the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). The legislation was signed hours after the previous deadline for applications lapsed. The original deadline was June 30th but $130 billion still remained in the fund of the $660 billion allocated. Now, the deadline has been pushed to August 8th, 2020 to give small business owners more time.

The program was created back in March to support small businesses affected by the fallout of COVID-19; lawmakers have modified it twice since, adding money on one occasion and more recently permitting more flexible use of the funding. In early June, the president signed the PPP Reform Bill which gave small business owners more flexibility and longer-term support. You can learn more about the PPP Reform Bill here.

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