Why CorpStrat

Why CorpStrat

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CorpStrat office building in Woodland Hills

We are not an organization that talks a lot about ourselves.

We prefer our work to stand for itself.

CorpStrat is a combination of old-school traditional values, where service and modern technology meet to help companies and professionals advance their objectives. We are at our best when we are engaging in discussions about how we help you, rather than focusing on us.

People do ask: “why CorpStrat? What is it you can do for us? We know you help companies manage employee benefits, offer a non-call center payroll, help companies implement HR technology, and help companies establish best practices and comply with HR strategies. What sets you part?

We’re united by shared goals and shared motivations at CorpStrat. These are best summed up in our company values, which are reflected in our product and in our team. We believe it’s our people, and their commitment to our values:

  1. Teamwork – We work together to achieve the best outcomes for our clients
  2. Great Attitude – We bring positive energy to each interaction.
  3. Client Interest First – All of our actions are guided by achieving client objectives
  4. CorpStrat Golden Rule – We show up on time, do what we say, finish what we start, and say “please” and “thank you”
  5. Passionate Learners – We are constantly increasing our knowledge and gaining wisdom

We live true to our mission statement, proudly displayed in our office entry: We create long-term advisory relationships, provide consistent and proven strategies focused on client objectives while delivering exceptional service.

Why CorpStrat? We know it, We show it, We own it. Simple.

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