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How We Helped a Cannabis Start-Up Find Ease in Payroll and Become HR Compliant

Our Client

7Points is a cannabis cultivating company in Woodlake, California. They seek to offer their customers a continuously unique and pleasurable experience with their product.

Their Challenge

7Points is a start-up looking to grow quickly and needed systems and processes that were smooth, compliant and reliable from the start. They turned to CorpStrat for their Payroll and HR needs and received just what they were looking for.

Recommendation + Results

Instead of paper timesheets, 7Points employees are now using biometric timeclocks that sync directly into payroll. They are now able to avoid any timekeeping discrepancies and have saved endless time now that their hours are no longer manually entered.

In addition, 7Points turned to CorpStrat HR to make sure they were in compliance with all their HR-related needs. The first item on the agenda was the NEW California State required Sexual Harassment Training for all employees. 7Points can now have confidence in their policies and procedures when it comes to employees who are consistently compliant with State and Federal laws.

Cannabis-related companies have traditionally had a difficult time establishing banking and payroll practices. Contact the team at CorpStrat to help your company deploy best practices in benefits, compliance, learning, HR and technology.

It’s Open Enrollment Time: What’s Your Plan?

OPEN ENROLLMENT/ Man holding small blackboard on blue sky backgr

The tightest workplace environment ever has created a demand for companies to build robust benefits packages. Employees are looking to engage, have more choices, and looking to their employers to bring vibrancy to an item that most companies have previously simply delivered as part of their employment offerings and for employees, largely seen as dormant and as an entitlement.

Some ideas to bring vibrancy to your plans include looking at the newest dental plans – engaging employees in brushing campaign to promote good dental behavior, adding pet insurance, using digital tools to communicate your offerings and deploying pre-tax plans such as cafeteria Sec 124 and HRA/HSA’s to help them pay for medical expenses on a tax-favored basis.

Rounding out your benefits packages with low-cost plans such as life insurance, vision, dental, and EAP‘s can allow small companies to look BIG, and adding a host of voluntary benefits can make even the smallest employer build a package that rivals the largest.

Did you know? About 75% of companies in California go through their open enrollment in the 4th Quarter. That creates a bottleneck at the carrier for processing employee changes, receiving new ID cards, and billing issues. Not to mention if you decide to make a carrier change, then the underwriting and approval processes are delayed, and normal turnaround times are doubled.

That means it’s time to get an early jump on the market and work closely with your broker to determine the best plan and design for your company’s benefit plans.

Contact the experts at CorpStrat for a consultation and let us bring you into our 21st Century HR Platform.

Got Sexual Harassment Training? We Do!

Business presentation on corporate meeting

California has enacted a series of laws that strengthen the state’s protections against workplace harassment. These new laws:

✔️ Require employers with five or more employees in the state to provide sexual harassment prevention training to all employees;

✔️ Expand and clarify employer liability for workplace harassment; and

✔️ Prohibit employers from entering certain agreements related to sexual harassment and other unlawful acts in the workplace.

All California employers should become familiar with the new laws. Those with five or more employees should review the new training requirements and ensure that each of their employees receives the required training by the end of 2019.

✔️ Managers must complete 2-hours – employees 1-hour.

The appropriate training must be completed by each employee within six months of assuming his or her job. Each employee must receive the appropriate training once every two years. ‘’

The deadline for initial compliance with these requirements is Jan. 1, 2020.

CorpStrat has a learning platform that can help employers easily comply for a nominal expense. With our platform, you can easily upload your roster, push out trainings, track progress and secure completion certifications.

Contact us to learn more ASAP! Don’t delay.


How We Helped ProActive Streamline Their Process


Our Client

Located in Los Angeles California, ProActive Work Health Services is a leader in the healthcare industry. ProActive, providing the full continuum of services, ensure their clients’ employees have immediate access to all levels of care under one umbrella – a convenient, cost-effective approach. From treatment of simple lacerations to complex back injuries, employees receive specialized care for their work-related injuries, with control of all treatment and follow-up.

Their Challenge

ProActive has been in ultimate growth mode! Opening more than 3 new locations in the last year, they needed a system that would streamline their efforts. Not only do their 150+ employees across their 10 locations still receive hard checks, but staying compliant with new labor laws and collecting reliable time and attendance records from their employees has proven to be a nightmare.

As they scale and double in size over the next year, they need to have a system that saves them time and helps them streamline their processes, rather than get in the way of their day to day business.


CorpStrat recommended their branded “21st Century Payroll and HR Solution” which includes dedicated advisors for ProActive. This system will not only help streamline their payroll and onboarding processes but will also provide an outlet for their ongoing compliance inquiries.


CorpStrat’s fully integrated 21st Century Payroll and HR solution helped save ProActive hours every pay period when it comes to capturing pay and employee data. Rather than hand-delivering each employee a hard check, employees who choose to receive direct deposit are now able to receive their paychecks quicker and more reliably. Employees can review relevant PTO data on their employee portal, and send time-off requests with ease.

Additionally, ProActive now has the peace of mind that they are limiting their HR liability as they scale.

“Thank you so much for making this happen! CorpStrat has literally cut my time issuing payroll in half. I wish I moved over sooner. Your team has been great!”

– Michelle Alcarez, Director of HR


To learn more about CorpStrat’s 21’st Century HR Solution and how it can benefit your business, contact their offices at (818) 377-7260.


Considering the Benefits of Student Loan Assistance

two female students doing homework

Innovative companies are seeking all sorts of ways to enhance and boost the vibrancy of their offerings. The newest trend? Encouraging and assisting employees to save for their children’s college, or pay off student loan debt.

Today’s HR professionals often have varied goals for their teams, whether it’s hiring people quickly in order to scale up the company, improving the diversity of their workforce or increasing employee engagement. Depending on your ultimate objective, financial wellness benefits can play a big role in ensuring you achieve it.

Elevating your offerings to include innovative benefits such as student loan repayment, college savings plans, and debt refinancing helps alleviate your employees’ financial concerns around higher education debt and costs.

In doing so, your organization reaps its own rewards from increasing competitiveness in the job market to boosting retention and even productivity. While there are no favorable tax guidelines currently in place to encourage employers to offer incentives in this space, a host of companies have begun to market and provide support to employers seeking to educate and support these efforts. They include companies actually making taxable contributions towards these programs.

A recent survey of 164 “jumbo,” large, and mid-sized organizations found that, on average, more than 40% of their budgets for well-being programs were applied to financial incentives that encouraged employees and their spouses or domestic partners to participate in.

We are also seeing more and more parents worry about having enough money to pay for their children’s college education than any other common financial concern — even more than saving for retirement!

Despite these concerns, there are only 13.9 million 529 plan accounts in the U.S. and less than half of parents are saving for their child’s education. This is a great way to demonstrate a company’s commitment to its employees.

Ready to elevate your benefit offerings? Contact CorpStrat and we’ll take care of you and your employees.