Why You Should Be Labor Law Complaint

Labor Law Compliant

Why You Should Be Labor Law Complaint

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Labor Law Compliant

To ensure smooth business operations, all businesses must comply with federal, state, and local laws and regulations. This includes human resources, sexual harassment training, and ERISA. And labor law is no exception.

Proper labor law poster compliance is required by law. If your business has at least one paid employee, you are required to post city, county, state and federal labor law notices. Failure to post up-to-date labor law notices can result in lawsuits or hefty fines of up to $33,486.

You may be asking, why is labor law compliance so important for your business? The answer is three-fold.

Labor law posters are critical for an employer.

As an employer, making sure labor law posters are properly displayed in a common area and up to date are easy preventative measures. Proper posting can strengthen your legal defense, especially in the event of a lawsuit or employee dispute. In addition, labor law compliance can come to your aid when there is an accident in the workplace, an unannounced Occupational Safety and Health Administration audit, or a Labor Board/ Equal Employment Opportunity Commission inquiry.

Lawsuits and employee disputes are on the rise.

Since the #MeToo movement, lawsuits and disputes, especially surrounding workplace harassment, are on the rise. Discrimination, gender equity, wages, and working conditions are other popular topics in these proceedings. Again, communicating current employee laws and rights can strengthen your legal defense in the long run.

Federal budget for the enforcement of employment laws has been increased to $13.2 Billion.

An increase in budget is a sign of higher regulations, which come in the form of higher OSHA fines and more surprise workplace visits, citations, and labor law poster audits. To avoid fines and cruise through all visits and audits, ensure best practice and properly display your up to date labor law posters in a visible spot where all employees can access it.

Keep your business compliant with the help of HRIS platforms, such as CorpStrat. CorpStrat provides a fully comprehensive, year-round labor law posting solution that includes:

  • Laminated, up-to-date, attorney-approved All-In-One State and Federal Labor Law Posters.
  • QR codes and posting legends for simple compliance tracking.
  • Access to any city and county labor law notices that are required for your business location.
  • Automatic updates every time changes occur in city, county, state, or federal posting requirements.
  • A $25,000 Fine Guarantee.

Let’s talk about your poster compliance needs. Contact CorpStrat to learn more about our labor law poster solutions.

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