CorpStrat Holiday Event x Dodgers Stadium

CorpStrat Holiday Event x Dodgers Stadium

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Coordinating fun and interesting holiday events to involve your entire internal company requires planning ahead of time. This plan should aim to cover the basic wants of your office; theme, venue, time, date, guest count, food and beverage, and agenda.

An event such as one like we executed last year at Pino’s Palette, which brought the entire office together to paint and drink vino was a total hit for everyone!

Team CorpStrat in the Dodgers dugout.

This year, we coordinated an evening to enjoy a nice meal at one of our favorite Chinese restaurants before attending a private tour of the Dodgers stadium.

It’s not your conventional company holiday event, though, our staff seemed to really appreciate the unique experience we put together.

It was at the stadium where we toured the Dodger’s field, dugout, press box, trophy room, and more.

Holiday events like this may not be feasible for large-size companies, but it’s those that fit your business culture, bring the company together, and put everyone in great spirits, that are the best ideas of them all.

Team CorpStrat in front of the Dodgers sign.

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