Top 5 Resolutions for HR in the New Year

Top 5 Resolutions for HR in the New Year

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Another year is approaching and it’s time to start thinking about how to become more effective and efficient at work in 2019. We’ve compiled 5 new year’s resolutions for your HR department to consider in the new year, so you don’t have to.

Improve the digital expertise in your HR team

Having the most advanced HR software available is fruitless unless you know how to maximize it. A recent report found that just 23% of HR managers felt their HR leadership were successful at exploiting the opportunities offered by digital technology.

Another report found that only 8% of HR respondents had usable data and only 9% fully understood the elements of HR that drive performance. HR Directors need to fill knowledge gaps in their department, either through recruitment or upskilling. Only then, can they properly harness technology and start reaping the true benefits of digital analytics.

Re-examine the way you deliver training and development

Traditional models of training are becoming obsolete as the skills needed in a digital age are constantly changing. Evolving technology is rendering skills obsolete faster than ever, so digital competencies must be constantly updated. It has never been easier to be left behind.

It’s important that HR Directors adopt real-time learning and ongoing development programs to ensure that the workforce is prepared to succeed in a digital age. Traditional learning is becoming rapidly dated, and organizations are turning to new tools that provide better content, videos, and mobile learning solutions.

Adopt a more flexible workforce model

The movement away from old-fashioned “time for hours” continues to gain pace.

New research suggests that this trend for agile workforce models will increase flexibility in the coming year. Expect to see a steady increase in remote, part-time or freelance workers. This is in direct contrast to California’s recent laws interpreting the way that independent contractor is classified.

Offering this type of flexibility will be key to attracting and retaining high performers. Studies have actually shown that work/life balance programs can help retention and improve employee satisfaction, so it is a model that clearly reaps benefits.

Investigate SMART recruitment technology

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) technology in HR is advancing in leaps and bounds and huge advances have been made in SMART recruitment software.

Additionally, predictive analytics is increasingly important to talent acquisition (TA), as sophisticated analytics teams begin to prioritize recruiting workflows, conduct workforce planning, evaluate different recruiting sources, assess the quality of hire, and use pre-hire assessments.

Not only do these technologies improve candidate experiences and candidate sourcing but they also benefit the employee brand as well. So being an early adopter of digital practices will help your business, improve its performance and prevent rivals from gaining a competitive advantage.

Consider gamification to improve business goals

It’s no surprise that a generation of workers who grew up on video games love gamification. It is now something that HR professionals are adopting to enhance everything from recruitment selection to the promotion of company culture.

Simple forms of gamification can offer employees a fun way to learn or engage in a digital sense. Like video games, the psychological reward associated with beating previous scores or improving at a game is a key driver in getting people to carry out what could otherwise be a mundane or uninteresting task. Gamification is a useful motivational tool for HR and something you should look at adopting in 2019.

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