How We Helped a Cannabis Start-Up Find Ease in Payroll and Become HR Compliant

How We Helped a Cannabis Start-Up Find Ease in Payroll and Become HR Compliant

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Our Client

7Points is a cannabis cultivating company in Woodlake, California. They seek to offer their customers a continuously unique and pleasurable experience with their product.

Their Challenge

7Points is a start-up looking to grow quickly and needed systems and processes that were smooth, compliant and reliable from the start. They turned to CorpStrat for their Payroll and HR needs and received just what they were looking for.

Recommendation + Results

Instead of paper timesheets, 7Points employees are now using biometric timeclocks that sync directly into payroll. They are now able to avoid any timekeeping discrepancies and have saved endless time now that their hours are no longer manually entered.

In addition, 7Points turned to CorpStrat HR to make sure they were in compliance with all their HR-related needs. The first item on the agenda was the NEW California State required Sexual Harassment Training for all employees. 7Points can now have confidence in their policies and procedures when it comes to employees who are consistently compliant with State and Federal laws.

Cannabis-related companies have traditionally had a difficult time establishing banking and payroll practices. Contact the team at CorpStrat to help your company deploy best practices in benefits, compliance, learning, HR and technology.

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