How We Helped ProActive Streamline Their Process

How We Helped ProActive Streamline Their Process

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Our Client

Located in Los Angeles California, ProActive Work Health Services is a leader in the healthcare industry. ProActive, providing the full continuum of services, ensure their clients’ employees have immediate access to all levels of care under one umbrella – a convenient, cost-effective approach. From treatment of simple lacerations to complex back injuries, employees receive specialized care for their work-related injuries, with control of all treatment and follow-up.

Their Challenge

ProActive has been in ultimate growth mode! Opening more than 3 new locations in the last year, they needed a system that would streamline their efforts. Not only do their 150+ employees across their 10 locations still receive hard checks, but staying compliant with new labor laws and collecting reliable time and attendance records from their employees has proven to be a nightmare.

As they scale and double in size over the next year, they need to have a system that saves them time and helps them streamline their processes, rather than get in the way of their day to day business.


CorpStrat recommended their branded “21st Century Payroll and HR Solution” which includes dedicated advisors for ProActive. This system will not only help streamline their payroll and onboarding processes but will also provide an outlet for their ongoing compliance inquiries.


CorpStrat’s fully integrated 21st Century Payroll and HR solution helped save ProActive hours every pay period when it comes to capturing pay and employee data. Rather than hand-delivering each employee a hard check, employees who choose to receive direct deposit are now able to receive their paychecks quicker and more reliably. Employees can review relevant PTO data on their employee portal, and send time-off requests with ease.

Additionally, ProActive now has the peace of mind that they are limiting their HR liability as they scale.

“Thank you so much for making this happen! CorpStrat has literally cut my time issuing payroll in half. I wish I moved over sooner. Your team has been great!”

– Michelle Alcarez, Director of HR


To learn more about CorpStrat’s 21’st Century HR Solution and how it can benefit your business, contact their offices at (818) 377-7260.


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