Find a Strategic Partner

Find a Strategic Partner

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Our Client: MotoLeaseOur Client

Located in Los Angeles, California, Motolease LLC is changing the motorsport finance industry. Motolease is a financial services company that offers unique consumer leasing programs through Motolease authorized dealers. It designs solutions exclusively for the motorcycle and powersports markets to help even the most credit-challenged riders. While its dealers benefit from serving an untapped market segment, it provides a much needed second chance to those who are underserved by the traditional financial solutions. As a result of over 90% approval rate, their dealers gain a huge competitive advantage in its market.

Their Challenge

Unlike other financial services out there, Motolease is a very progressive company! With its forward-thinking, Motolease is constantly looking for new ways to streamline its current processes, while also remaining compliant to the HR guidelines. Because of this, they find it extremely important to not just have a payroll and HR provider but also a strategic partner.

From the beginning of its relationship with its previous payroll company, Motolease was finding it difficult to get its employees’ attention. Daily calls would go unanswered and emails were forgotten and left without a response for several weeks. It seemed as if Motolease was constantly trying to put out fires without any help, leaving no room for strategizing a new plan for the future. This is where CorpStrat stepped in.

Our Recommendation

CorpStrat recommended its branded “21stCentury Payroll and HR Solution,” which includes dedicated advisors for Motolease. These dedicated advisors allow Motolease to reach out to its point of contact and strategize its various goals from a payroll, HR, and business process perspective.

“I need to let you know how exceptional Angela Adams is. She is on top of her work, provides exemplary payroll service, has an answer for everything, is extremely organized and—on top of all that—she is very personable and professional. I’ve been in HR for 15 years and employees of Angela’s quality are like unicorns – they are extremely rare,” said Roz Gamble, Vice President of Corporate Operations.

The Results

When fully implemented, CorpStrat’s fully integrated 21stCentury Payroll and HR solution helps to save Motolease hours of every pay period, especially when it comes to capturing pay and employee data. We also were able to totally revamp its employee handbook and provide a resource for any Human Capital Management questions it will receive in the future. Discover your company’s level of HR Efficiency today with this simple test here.

To learn more about CorpStrat’s 21stCentury HR Solution, email us at or give us a call at (818) 377.7260.

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