10 Ways to Promote Mental Health in Your Workplace

10 Ways to Promote Mental Health in Your Workplace

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Mental Health in the Workplace

With 1 in 6.8 people experiencing mental health problems in the workplace, its never been more important to be proactive about mental health in the workplace. Promoting mental health increases productivity, stimulates morale, and reduces stress, making it an important step to improving your organization.

For those who don’t know where to start, here are 10 ways to improve mental health in your workplace:

1.    Discounts to Local Gyms

Offering discounts to local gyms encourages people to be active and socialize outside of work. Since exercise is known to increase endorphins and reduce symptoms of mental health conditions, giving a way as well as a cost incentive for employees to do so can lead to an overall improved mental health in the workplace.

2.    Onsite Yoga

Providing yoga classes for your employees during their breaks helps with fitness and mindfulness in the workplace. Through stretches and breathing exercises, yoga combats stress and improves your employees’ overall mental health. It promotes relaxation, which is a key component to a positive mental state.

3.    Deskercise

Implementing a “deskercise” routine employees can easily follow is another approach to encouraging mental health in the workplace. A routine that helps employees loosen up, stretch, and fix their posture at their desk is the perfect opportunity for employees to refresh and re-center their minds and bodies. Some simple deskercises include shoulder and spinal stretches and ankle rolls.

4.    Flexible Work Hours

As a flexible work hour policy is quickly becoming common, establishing policies that allow employees to work flexible hours or work from home one day a week will help increase productivity and work-life satisfaction. It reduces burnout and allows them to de-stress, fostering a healthier mental wellbeing.

5.    Continued Education Workshops

Providing continued education workshops is another way to nurture mental health in your workplace. In addition to increasing employee retention, allowing employees to improve their skills instills a sense of personal achievement, which will motivate them to be proactive both at work and in their personal life.

6.    Healthy Office Snacks

The workplace can breed bad eating habits, so supplying health office snacks encourages both physical and mental health. With such a strong link between what we eat and how we feel, having snacks that provide healthy energy for the brain—instead of sugary snacks—can go a long way in producing a positive impact on your employee’s mental health.

7.    Catered Lunch

Catering a lunch for your employees works both as an employee appreciation and mental health initiative. Catered lunches create a space where your employees can come together to eat and socialize. Having a nice break like this can break up the monotony of a workday and cultivate a positive outlook (and ultimately healthier mental wellbeing) among employees.

8.    Monthly Potluck

Having a monthly potluck, where everyone can contribute, gives employees the opportunity to interact and socialize. Enjoying an afternoon of food, socializing, and fun activities creates a shared positive experience that employees can bond over while also refreshing their outlook towards the workplace.

9.    Mindfulness Classes

Offering mindfulness and stress management classes reduces stress and fosters positive emotions. Since the way employees think and feel has a direct impact on productivity and communication, promoting these classes will help them become more aware of their thoughts and feelings, so they are better able to manage them for long-term mental wellness.

10. Wellness Day with Resources

Another employee recognition idea that benefits mental health, organizing a wellness day where employees can learn about mental health and wellness can create awareness within the workplace. Resources, such as health and depression screenings as well as outdoor fitness events, can create a foundation of knowledge and support for mental health in the workplace.

Before implementing any of these 10 wellness initiatives, we first recommend establishing a method of getting feedback. Surveying your employees to find out what is working and what is not will be extremely beneficial in improving your mental wellness programs and reducing the need for unnecessary costs.

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