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Attract, Reward and Retain your most valuable assets – Your People!

Providing employee benefit plans is complex these days. Creating cost effective and compliant benefit programs requires a unique balance of wisdom, savvy, experience and genius. For over 25 years, we have been an industry leader in helping companies navigate the maze of implementing, designing, maintaining and managing the design of employee benefits.

The “Non –Call Center” Payroll Solution

We create high-touch, concierge payroll services, provide concise reporting, online access and seamless integration (into accounting and human resource technology). Our on-demand service is like an in-house payroll service.  We provide unparalleled service, dedicated representatives and uncanny responsiveness.

HR Solutions for the Modern Age

Our program, The 21st Century HR Solution™, helps companies use technology to bring together the myriad of systems and procedures that create typical dysfunctional HR performance. We can help to eliminate the frustrations of, managing your company, and the multiple moving parts of managing people.

Eliminate The Dangers –The Uncertainties

We work closely with professionals and business owners to identify areas of danger, the disrupters of success and help assure a plan and path for the unexpected and unplanned. Many professionals “talk” insurance – few know how to make it “really” perform.


Executive Management Team

Meet our  team of highly skilled, educated and credential-ized industry veterans, with expertise in employee benefits, human resource, financial, and business planning execution.

Combined, over 100 years of wisdom in helping business owners and professionals protect and accumulate assets, and attract, reward, and retain their most valuable business tool – their people!