How an HR System Forces Compliance

How an HR System Forces Compliance

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Imagine if you had a foolproof way to affirm, with certainty, that each and every company policy, bulletin, procedure, and process was acknowledged by each and every employee?

No one would ever be able to say “I didn’t get that memo”, or “I didn’t know”. It’s possible, with the help of some modern technology we call an HRIS – a Human Resource Information System. Using a shared platform like an HRIS makes it easier to hold everyone accountable for their responsibilities.

Most companies have systems for everything from inventory to sales and from accounting through attendance. But, few have a fully integrated system to manage the employee lifecycle, from ‘job posting through termination’.

Business woman logging onto her computer to review her HR System Compliance rulesImagine if there was a fully integrated way to post jobs, vet applicants, pre-screen and offer, onboard, payroll, monitor credentials and licensing, track logins and passwords, integrate benefits and 401k enrollment, track PTO and vacation eligibility, make schedules, write up and performance reviews, push out all company policies and maintain access to every aspect of the employee lifecycle. Sound complex? Too good to be true? Well, just the opposite.

What an HRIS Can do for Your Business

Let’s go back to compliance. With an HRIS, each and every company bulletin, policy, procedure and manual, including those that require annual recurring training, can be affirmed by a digital signature. Employees literally cannot go to work without affirming they have read and acknowledged any policy your company wishes to implement.

A robust HRIS, allows employees to also log in and retrieve their payroll stubs, track their PTO, request time-off, and review any document or performance review they have on file. Employees overwhelmingly want this experience.

As one of our clients said so eloquently, “a fully integrated HRIS is a sight to behold.” With today’s challenging workplace, who wouldn’t want a foolproof way to confirm and affirm your employees’ acknowledgment of any and everything possible.

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