Employee Self-Service: Why Employees Care

Employee Self-Service: Why Employees Care

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In the 20th century, there was a clearer delineation between work and life: there was what you did to earn income, and there was everything else. But with the advent of mobile technology — which allows employees to be  “on” anytime, anywhere — work is no longer confined to the office.

While this mobility offers great advantages, it also allows work to infiltrate employees’ lives. It’s a challenge for employers, large and small!

Today, life is pushing back! The enjoyment of life is beginning to take back its rightful place in the lives of employees. Today’s employees put increased focus on happiness at work—they change jobs more often, their careers take unexpected twists and turns, and personal satisfaction can be as important as the numbers on their paycheck.

Employers are recognizing these changing priorities, by investing in employee engagement, culture, and team development. Technology is the key.

Using Technology to Put Your Employees First

This employee-first focus is shaping everything from office floor plans to vacation policies and management styles, making the workplace a more dynamic and expressive place.

With so much change in the workplace, employees are looking for more stability, protection, and a safeguard against disruption. If they can find it in their employer, they’ll show their appreciation through loyalty.

Between work and life, employees want harmony—not just balance. With this new blended experience, they expect their employers to keep up with current trends and proactively provide solutions for their changing  needs. Specifically, employees are seeking a sense of financial and emotional wellbeing.

Today’s employee experience needs to be more complete.

Here are 5 ways to meet employees where they are:

  1. Offering a breadth of employee benefit options helps to alleviate the anxiety that comes with the integration of work-life and home-life.
  1. When employers deliver digital and tailored HR solutions, they help an increasingly diverse workforce find the assurance and security it’s looking for.
  1. When employees have access to the right information on their terms,  it ensures they can get the info they need to meet their lifestyle objectives.
  1. By providing clearer information about workplace policies and procedures, employers can empower employees and minimize areas of exposure.
  1. Lastly, when communication is simplified, employees are able to discover the immense value of their workplace and benefits.

This appreciation results in engagement, loyalty, and commitment to the company.

Companies that embrace technology to help employees bridge the gap between “old school”  and full-service digital employee engagement will thrive in a changing business world.

CorpStrat’s 21st Century HR Solution helps companies change the game and change the ways employees engage.

Help us help you become engaged! We have over 20 years experience helping California companies build employee loyalty.


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