A Modern Approach to HR

A Modern Approach to HR

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Managing attendance in a HR system

Timesheets, punch cards, time clocks…whatever method your organization is using, it’s one of the very fundamental HR monitoring duties – confirming that employees put in the hour for which they are paid. Basic time and attendance data recording and number crunching are one of the oldest HR software systems in use and leading-edge organizations are now using Full HR automation systems for attendance management with three core benefits in mind.

Improved Timekeeping/Absence Management

A fully-integrated HR attendance module can enable a set of key improvements related to timekeeping. First, timesheets are more accurate. Accidental errors are avoided, thus having the time and effort needed for corrections.

Next, complicated issues can be reduced to minor levels, such as time theft and “buddy punching” (one employee clocking in on behalf of another). In turn, payroll errors and the cost associated with correcting them are reduced. Finally, paid time off calculations are much less subject to human error and compliance is virtually assured.

Data, Data & More Data

As with all HR software, once the data is in the system, it can be dissected in numerous ways. The first advantage of doing this with HR system attendance is that managers receive real-time alerts.  Better-informed decisions on workforce deployment can be made on the fly. Beyond basic scheduling benefits, data can be used in more strategic metrics and analytics reporting, giving manager’s insights into trends and patterns.

Coworking Spaces

Flexible working options continue to grow every year and time and attendance systems have to adapt to those who aren’t in the office every day to “punch the clock.” For many organizations, online and mobile access to time and attendance is increasingly essential. This makes it easier for organizations to log on from remote workspaces and see basic time and attendance data.

Modern HR system attendance software goes far beyond the old school ways – punch cards and time clocks. With integrated data and analytics plus employee and manager self-service, this type of system can greatly enhance the day-to-day efficiency of your organization.

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